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3D Knowledge database & Service checklist

With Aidar platform you can build your knowledge platform in 3D. Create courses, tests, training stations, and replicate any work environment. Train your team and measure its performance. Externalize Your company’s knowledge with an easy-to- use 3D tutorial. Our editor makes it very simple, no IT knowledge is needed. You can use the same knowledge for training and for everyday work in service, maintenance and other areas.

Remote support run on the customer’s premises

When less experienced first-line workers will need to safely execute advanced workloads and pressing problems, they can be fully supported by the remote expert. Aidar is equipped with dedicated functionality for voice, video communication, augmented interactions like a whiteboard, 3D scanning, pointers to objects, or sending parts of technical documentation directly to AR glasses or mobile applications.

Reskilling & upskilling of employees

Aidar can support your company and employees with reskilling possibilities. Create a digital twin of a training station. Transfer tangible production processes (procedures, duties and activities of employees) into virtual reality. You can also build an error DB as a basis for AI quality assurance and feedback.

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AIDAR products


Practical and immersive learning with the use of VR and/or AR/MR.
Through our platform, we create virtual production stations. Create digital twins, recreate hands-on work scenarios and test them physically in a virtual world, safely and without physical risk.


Remote support and courses in 3D with AR/MR
Support employees in real time. Put the glasses on an employee who will be led by an experienced specialist and solve failures remotely, safely and promptly. 


Fusing the two modules for a more complex service
Combine the perspective of an existing workstation training with real-time remote support using both modules.


Succesfull tasks
enlarging the number of the accomplished tasks due to reduction of mistakes and the costs that come with them (employee errors in VR cost practically nothing)


Knowledge Transfer
increase in the speed of obtainning knowledge among employees.


Accelerated Training 
more completed tasks after courses without assistance. When compared to traditional methods, learning in VR is e-learning on hyperdrive!


Practical training
performing exercises in VR with the exact mapping of the workplace and movements

Awards and recognition

Mobiledgex ( T-Mobile)

European 5G/AR/Edge

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First Microsoft HoloLens


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Aidar is getting your job done by solving these problems:


Keeping plants and machines up-and-running without full staff being present on-site due to post-pandemic restrictions.


Limited access to highly skilled experts (field support engineers, architects, planners, doctors,etc) for service, audits and trainings.


Substantial effort and complex logistics required in training of bigger teams for new plants and onboarding of the new staff.


Extensive CO2 footprint and materials usage during training of staff in heavy industries.

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